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Our company is recognized by the ICF (International Canoe Federation) as an official partner and participates in the ICF assistance program for the development of paddling sports in the world.

Nordwinds – north winds

Autumn is coming. You’re feeling it. Hands begin to freeze in the water. Sometimes the water is covered with a crust of ice near the coast. The time of the northern winds comes – Nordwinds.

You can waste this time, waiting out bad weather, making changes to your plans, postponing and rescheduling your workouts. But you have the opportunity not to stop and continue to follow the intended path, make small adjustments to your training and it is very likely to leave the northern winds season with an even greater supply of strength and fitness.

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    Kayak ergometer

    In the ergometer, the emphasis on the start of the stroke is very well implemented, as its most effective part, when the paddle blade passes angles from 65 to 115 degrees in the water. Before the start of the stroke, the athlete is stretched 100% and is ready to make every effort. And at this moment, from the very beginning of the movement, he finds the point of application of maximum effort.

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    Here’s what experienced coaches said about our equipment

    Excellent ergometer. The center acquired 4 pieces of “kayak” in 2019. Now other models are mostly on the sidelines. The seat can be quickly repositioned and fixed. The load can be adjusted over a wide range. Everything is reliable. But there is not enough computer. Now athletes need feedback in order to be more motivated. The management promised us to rectify the situation and buy additional computers. We hope the club will find money to buy a few more pieces.

    Ihar Bykouski coach Sport club Serebrianka (Minsk, Belarus)

    We have 4 kayaks since 2019. All the trainers liked it. We were bought 2 more pieces at the end of 2020. Everything suits me and my guys very much. Now nobody wants to sit on old models. New ones take up little space, quick and convenient adjustment for the footrest, the upper hand does not pull out, excellent variability of the load. I even like the color, although this is the last thing. But there is not enough monitor to track the level of load and heart rate (they were bought without sensors). We hope that club will buy them too.

    Leonid Scheradin coach in central canoe sport club (Mins, Belarus)

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